forces of two powers that were once
bitter foes.
House approves renewal of Patriot Act Critics voice
concern over civil liberties
makes permanent 14 of 16 provisions in the act set to expire next year and
extends two others for another 10 years.
Passage came with the specter of terrorism fresh in lawmakers' minds after
another round of bombing incidents in London earlier in the day. (Full story)

The Senate is considering its own reauthorization of the Patriot Act, and the
differences between the two versions will have to be hashed out in a conference
committee in the coming months.
Embassy in Kenya, worked for the FBI (Mohamed, obviously with the
grace of the feds, brought Ayman al-Zawahiri to San Francisco on a
covert fund-raising mission), according to the San Francisco Chronicle.
Hamid Reza Zakeri claimed (during the trial of Abdelghani Mzoudi, a
Moroccan accused of helping the nine eleven hijackers) that “Iran’s secret
service had contacts with Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda network ahead of
the September 11 attacks,” according to Reuters. It just so happens Zakeri
claims the CIA owes him $1.2 for services rendered as a double agent.
Mullah Krekar, the leader of Ansar al-Islam, told al-Hayat newspaper in
2003 he had “a meeting with a CIA representative and someone from the
American army in the town of Sulaymaniya (Iraqi Kurdistan) at the end of
2000. They asked us to collaborate with them,” an offer Krekar said he
refused. Osama Moustafa Hassan Nasr, aka Abu Omar, “a dangerous
terrorist who once plotted to kill the Egyptian foreign minister,”
according to the Chicago Tribune, was such a valued CIA asset it was
deemed necessary to kidnap him off the streets of Milan after he had
second thoughts about his work. And then there was Muhammad Naeem
Noor Khanm, the al-Qaeda “computer engineer” who “became part of a
sting operation organized by the CIA,” according to the Washington Post.
Riggs owns a money management firm, J. Bush & Co., operated by
Jonathan Bush, the brother of George H.W. Bush and the current
president’s uncle. Jonathan Bush played a very important role in
helping find investors for the various failed oil businesses that George
W. Bush ran before he began his career in politics. Jonathan Bush also
helped raise money for George H.W. Bush and is a former chair of the
New York Republican State Finance Committee. In 2000, he was
briefly named president and CEO of Riggs Investment Management
Company (RIMCO), a wholly owned subsidiary of Riggs Bank.

There are three separate activities for which Riggs has come under
investigation: (1) its relationship with the Saudi royal family and the
potential financing of two of the September 11 hijackers through an
account owned by the wife of the Saudi ambassador; (2) its
relationship with the corrupt and dictatorial regime of the oil-rich
West African country of Equatorial Guinea; and (3) its banking business
with the former military dictator of Chile, Augusto Pinochet.
Banking regulators fined Riggs $25 million last year for its violations,
the institution put itself up for sale, and a Justice Department
investigation was started.

The Newsweek article states: “About two months after al-Bayoumi
began aiding Alhazmi and Almihdhar, Newsweek has learned, al-
Bayoumi’s wife began receiving regular stipends, often monthly and
usually around $2,000 and totaling tens of thousands of dollars. The
money came in the form of cashier’s checks, purchased from
Washington’s Riggs Bank by Princess Haifa bin Faisal, the daughter of
the late King Faisal and wife of Prince Bandar, the Saudi envoy who is a
prominent Washington figure and personal friend of the Bush family.
The checks were sent to a woman named Majeda Ibrahin Dweikat, who
in turn signed over many of them to al-Bayoumi’s wife...”

According to the December 2002 Newsweek article on Riggs Bank, al-
Bayoumi “apparently did work for Dallah Avco, an aviation-services
company with extensive contracts with the Saudi Ministry of Defense
and Aviation, headed by Prince Sultan, the father of the Saudi
ambassador to the United States, Prince Bandar.
The New York Times reports that the FBI is refusing to allow
Abdussattar Shaikh, the FBI informant who lived with hijackers Nawaf
Alhazmi and Khalid Almihdhar (see Summer-December 2000), to
testify before the 9/11 Congressional Inquiry. The FBI claims the
informer would have nothing interesting to say. [New York Times,
10/5/02] The FBI also tries to prevent Shaikh's handler Steve Butler
from testifying, but Butler does end up testifying before a secret
session (see October 9, 2002). Shaikh doesn't testify at all.
[Washington Post, 10/11/02 (B)] Butler's testimony uncovers many
curious facts about Shaikh
San Diego FBI agent Steven Butler reportedly gives “explosive”
testimony to the 9/11 Congressional Inquiry. Butler, recently retired,
has been unable to speak to the media, but he was the handler for
Abdussattar Shaikh, an FBI informant who rented a room to hijackers
Nawaf Alhazmi and Khalid Almihdhar.
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9/11 was an inside job & demolition.

1. Gold price fixing scandal involving Federal reserve, Brady bonds
Destruction of WTC-housed evidence in the biggest-ever gold price fixing
case (illegal selling of Federal Reserve gold to elites at way below
2. Riggs Bank that connects Saudi Money & Bushes to Hijackers
Pakistani intelligence chief wired $ 100,000 to the hijacker Atta
4. The Stock Market Insider Trading and Put Options Before 9/11
5. British Press Gagged on Reporting MI6's £100,000 bin Laden Payoff

He headed US consular official in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia,
later claims that he is "repeatedly told to issue visas to
unqualified applicants (over hundreds of men from Saudi
Arabia, Pakistan, Palestine, Sudan, Syria, Philippines,
etc.)." He turns them down, but is repeatedly overruled by
superiors. He claims the visas were issued for recruits
fighting for bin Laden against Russia in Afghanistan.
Springman loudly complains about the practice to numerous
government offices but no action is taken. He eventually is
fired and the files he has kept on these applicants are
destroyed. Springman thinks the issuing of visas to radical
Islamic fighters continued until 9/11. 15 of the 19 9/11
hijackers getting their visas through his former Jeddah office.

Listen to
interviews with BBC, CBC (Canadian Broadcasting

“I had been assigned to the Consulate at Jeddah and the
first thing you have to remember is that the Consulate there
is essentially a CIA operation of some 15 to 20 Washington-
based Americans. There were only three people, including
myself, whom I’m certain had no ties to either, any of the
American intelligence services, either professional or

“Once I got there, I found I was being ordered to issue visas
to people who really should not have gotten a visa. I’ll give
you just one example. There were two Pakistanis who
wanted to go to an American trade show in the United
States. They claimed they were going with a Commerce
Department-sponsored trade mission. These guys couldn't
name the trade show and they couldn't name the city in
which it was being held. When I refused the visa, after a
couple minutes of questioning, I got an almost immediate
call from a CIA case officer, hidden in the Commercial
section, that I should reverse myself and grant these guys a
visa. I told him no. Not long afterwards, he went to the Chief
of the Consular section and got my decision reversed. “
what I was doing was not complaining about visa fraud. It
was basically the CIA that had Osama bin Laden recruiting
people for the Afghan war and taking them to the U.S. for
terrorist training.”

Michael Springman worked for the US government for 20
years with the foreign service and consulate. He just went
public with the story of his involvement in a large scale CIA
operation that brought hundreds of people from the Middle
East to the US, issued them passports and trained them to
be terrorists. Springman says that the CIA is working
closely with Bin Laden and his operatives in Jeddah and has
been since 1987. The most haunting implication from this
interview is that all of the terrorist acts of late were planned
and paid for by the CIA with US taxpayers money so that
the US could legitimately bomb the hell out of Afghanistan --
not to "get the Taliban" as the official party line states, but
to erase all of the evidence of the US's secret operations in
Afghanistan left over from its 10 year war with the Soviet
Union in that country.
MARVIN BUSH        George W. Bush's brother was on the board of
directors of a company providing electronic security for the World Trade
Center, according to public records.  
The security company, formerly named Securacom and now named
Stratesec, is in Sterling, Va.. Its CEO, Barry McDaniel, said the company
had a ``completion contract" to handle some of the security at the World
Trade Center ``up to the day the buildings fell down." It also had a
three-year contract to maintain electronic security systems at Dulles
Airport, according to a Dulles contracting official. Securacom/Stratesec
also handled some security for United Airlines in the 1990s.

JEB BUSH     went to the Hoffman aviation school in Florida on
9/12/2001. All of the records from there were taken and loaded onto
an Air Force plane. It was a C-130, and they were flown out of the
The scale of the exercises, which will involve land, air, naval, paratroop and
marine forces, underlines the determination of Beijing and Moscow to expand
a military relationship that has blossomed over the past 15 years.

Russia is now China's leading source of high-technology weaponry, while the
Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) has become an important source of
foreign currency for the crumbling Russian military industrial complex. .

Xinhua said about 1,800 troops from Russia would take part in the exercises
along with vessels of its Pacific fleet and 17 long-range military cargo planes.
The reference to separatism will heighten concerns about the exercises in
Taiwan, which enjoys de facto independence from China but which Beijing
claims as part of its territory. Chinese and Russian officials have insisted the
drills are not aimed at any third party.
China, Russia Issue Joint Statement on New World
 2005-07-02 (MOSCOW)
Please, sign petition and support Alex Jones., purchase original videos from This will help Alex Jones produce more videos.

60 Israelis who had been detained in connection with the Sept. 11  
terrorism investigation.

There are many direct connections between Israeli intelligence
activities and the events of 9/11 including a report from the Drug
Enforcement Administration, showing that more than 100
covert operatives were functioning inside the United States just
before and during the attacks. Some of these operatives were
placed in extremely close proximity to four of the 9/11 hijackers in
south Florida and San Diego. Israeli companies such as Amdocs,
Comverse and Odigo had direct connections to the events of 9/11.
"former" Israeli anti-terror operative was on board American
Flight 11.
To say that Israel played a criminal role in the attacks is not the
same thing as saying that Israel perpetrated the attacks. A key
question asked by any homicide investigator is cui bono? Who
benefits. And on this account we can find only three countries, the
US, Britain and Israel that have never wavered in their support of
everything that has happened since 9/11.  The Israeli and British
Governments acted as partners with the highest levels of the
American Government to help in the preparation and, very
possibly, the actual execution of the attacks."  -Michael Ruppert

TO date, the case that 9/11 was perpetrated solely by
Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda has never been proved,
even to the most rudimentary standards.

"Your enemy is not surrounding your country; your enemy
is ruling your country." -George Bush, state of the union
address, 2003. This Orwellian paradox from George Bush
reveals our true predicament.
The enemy is inside the gates.

The attack on the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon
could not have happened without a lot of assistance from
the key leaders in the intelligence
and defense community, Cabinet and Executive
Branch officials, and key bureaucrats. Following the
attacks there was an apparent, unconscionable
willingness of the mainstream corporate press to withhold
reasonable questioning of the anomalies
and inconsistencies that abound.                                              
CIA & The state department complicity
by The Masonic Illuminati NWO Globalist (through the U.S., Israeli, British, Pakistani, Saudi intelligence, FBI)
JONATHAN BUSH            George W. Bush's uncle Jonathan Bush
linked to the financing 911 hijackers with the Saudi royal family
through Riggs bank
Click here to watch testimonies of Michael Ruppert,
(he presents a compelling case against Cheney as a
prime suspect of the 9/11 attacks), and Indira Singh
and Michael Springman and others at the 9/11 citizens'
Welcome  to the New World Order
War on Iraq
War on Iraq
911 Road to Tyranny by Alex Jones at www.
Watch more video investigation on the 9/11
"I will name Richard
Cheney as prime suspect
in the mass murders of
9/11 and will establish
that, not only was he a
planner in the attacks, but
also that on the day of the
attacks he was running a
completely separate
Command, Control and
Communications system
which was superceding
any orders being issued by
the NMCC (National
Military Command Center),
or the White House
Situation Room."  -Michael
"Crossing the

unnamed company that revolved around the London Underground being
bombed at the exact same times and locations as happened in real life on
the morning of July 7th.

On a BBC Radio 5 interview that aired on the evening of the 7th, the host
interviewed Peter Power, Managing Director of Visor Consultants, which
bills itself as a 'crisis management' advice company, better known to you
and I as a PR firm. Peter Power was a former Scotland Yard official, working
at one time with the Anti Terrorist Branch.

Power told the host that at the exact same time that the London bombings
were taking place, his company was running a 1,000 person strong exercise
which drilled the London Underground being bombed at the exact same
locations, at the exact same times, as happened in real life.
The history of British intelligence MI-5 state sponsored terrorism
The website, which claimed the responsibility has a connection to Bush
National ID cards.      Was Israel warned? (Israel = Rothschild @ London)
World Trade Center on the day
that it was destroyed held the
evidence and killed the
investigators in two of the
biggest financial crimes
implicating ruling-elite
establishment figures. Oil
Companies were and
executives were before a New
York grand jury on charges of
illegal oil swaps involving
sanctioned Iran and
Kazakhstan. Big investment
banking figures and the
chairman of the Federal
Reserve were being
investigated in a gold price
fixing case, in which Federal
Reserve gold was sold behind
closed doors of a closed "made
market" at well below what the
gold could have obtained on the
open market without price fixing.
The evidence and the research
in both of these cases went up
in smoke, when the WTC
towers and Building 7 came
down.BRADY BONDS & 1991
The SEPTEMBER 12, 1991
TRANSACTION" was scheduled
to close at the end of a 10 YEAR
TERM. The 10 year term ended
on or about SEPTEMBER 11,
The Bush family network complicity of the 9/11 terrors
The Bushes & Riggs CIA bank (new BCCI) Nexus
Hijacking exercises were confused
with real flights on radar
With as many as 22 hijacked
planes of undetermined origin on
radar, interception was impossible
for the 8 remaining
fighters in the NE.
no plane hit
the building
World Trade Center on 9-11. Former chief economist for the
Department of Labor during President George W. Bush's first term
Morgan Reynolds comments that the official story about the
collapse of the WTC is "bogus" and that it is more likely that a
controlled demolition destroyed the Twin Towers and adjacent
Building No. 7.
A former Bush team
member during his first
administration is now
voicing serious doubts
about the collapse of the
The corporate evils &
Click HERE to watch
videos of the
WTC tower collapse
Illuminati FALSE FLAG PSYOPS (psychological operations)
Paul Joseph Watson & Alex
Jones/Prison Planet | July 13 2005

UPDATE: London Underground
Exercises and the Magically
Exploding Terrorists: Important

A consultancy agency with
government and police connections
was running an exercise for an
London Underground Bombing 'Exercises' Took Place at
Same Time as Real Attack. Culpability cover scenario
echoes 9/11 wargames
China, Russia To Hold First Ever Joint
Military Drill
Countdown to World War Three
August 2 2005 16:57 | Financial Times, UK

Nearly 10,000 troops are to take part in
unprecedented joint military exercises by
China and Russia this month aimed at
strengthening ties between the armed
Follow the money trails
Kissinger advisor for Unocal and a Chinese
company CNOOC
It is clear that at least five if not six training exercises were in operation in
the days leading up to and on the morning of 9/11. The Associated Press
later had to admit the fact that the CIA were running drills of crashing
planes into buildings on the morning of 9/11. CIA / National
Reconnaissance Office "plane into building" exercise on 911/2001

This meant that NORAD radar screens showed as many as 22 hijacked
airliners at the same time. NORAD had been briefed that this was part of
the exercise drill and therefore normal reactive procedure was forestalled
and delayed. OPERATION NORTHERN VIGILANCE was planned months
in advance of 9/11 and ensured that on the morning of 9/11, jet fighters
were removed from patrolling the US east coast and sent to Alaska and
Canada, therefore reducing the amount of fighter planes available to
protect the east coast. The large numbers of 'blips' on NORAD screens
that displayed both real and 'drill' hijacked planes explain why confused
press reports emerged hours after the attack stating that up to eight planes
had been hijacked.                                                    Site R - also known as
Raven Rock or the Alternate Joint Communications Center is from where
vice-President Dick Cheney ran the aftermath of the 9/11 attack. Cheney's
command superseded the orders of the Pentagon, the FAA or the White
House. He is the number one suspect in the murder of nearly 3,000
innocent people. In May of 2001, by presidential order, Cheney was
handed direct control of all wargame and drill operations. This meant he
was solely in charge of the overlapping NORAD drills and wargames on
the morning of 9/11, that prevented Standard Operating Procedure from
being implemented, and any of the hijacked planes being intercepted.
Reporter suggests Brynes discovered
plan to turn nuke exercise into staged
terror attack United States, in which
terrorist attacks would be used as the
justification for imposing martial law
on cities, regions or the entire country.
The exercised wargames drills were covers for
the 'operation 911' (new
Operation Northwoods)
Patriot Act extended right after the second
London bombing. This is no coincidence.
The Illuminati are positioning themselves to seek global power each
time a major flare up is incited. We are slipping towards their common
dream and ultimate goal.
Spread the truth about war and terrorism to others who are either
misinformed or misguided by the mainstream media and the current
administration. It is not enough just for
you to know the truth. You must
make others aware. Together we can all make a difference and change
the perilous road we are currently on. Please support freedom of
information and expression. Help bring true democracy back to America.
A $120 billion
based on Brady
Bonds & bogus
gold collateral
that involve
Bush Sr & FED,
the "due bill"
that matured 10
years later on
Sept. 11, 2001,
and was due on
that day or the
next.  (
Madrid 3/11 train bombing suspects linked to
Spanish Security Services (Blaming al-Qaeda=bogus)
DVD 911inPlaneSite
Watch more
video clips,

here 1.  
American conservative, Aug 1st, 2005 by Philip Giraldi, a former
CIA Officer
"The Pentagon, acting under instructions from Vice President Dick
Cheney's office, has tasked the United States Strategic Command
(STRATCOM) with drawing up a contingency plan to be employed
in response to another 9/11-type terrorist attack on the United
States. The plan includes a large-scale air assault on Iran employing
both conventional and tactical nuclear weapons. Within Iran there
are more than 450 major strategic targets, including numerous
suspected nuclear-weapons-program development sites. Many of
the targets are hardened or are deep underground and could not be
taken out by conventional weapons, hence the nuclear option. As
in the case of Iraq, the response is not conditional on Iran actually
being involved in the act of terrorism directed against the United
States. Several senior Air Force officers involved in the planning
are reportedly appalled at the implications of what they are doing -
that Iran is being set up for an unprovoked nuclear attack - but no
one is prepared to damage his career by posing any objections."
Giraldi is a former CIA officer (specifically a CIA counterterrorism
specialist according to his bio at American Conservative), so he
probably has contacts among the intelligence services and the
military that few journalists in Washington can match. Second, the
leak of this information appears to be coming from the military
officers in charge of drawing up this plan, or at least with someone
familiar with their views. This means the military is starting to
become very ansty at the direction the Bush administration is
taking the country.
Cheney to Generals: Prepare to Attack Iran in
response to another 9/11 -type terrorist attack on the
U. S.
By Judi McLeod    Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Toronto-- It starts but doesn’t finish with Dr. Henry Kissinger, former U.S.
Secretary of State. Kissinger was an advisor for Unocal. Kissinger is also on the
advisory board for CNOOC. Coincidentally enough, Kissinger was the one who
convinced President Richard Nixon to forge the opening to China when it was
being run by mass murderer Chairman Mao, and the rest, as they say, is history.
Indeed it could be said that all of this is happening because of him.

"If Unocal decided to entertain the CNOOC offer, the deal would have to pass
scrutiny of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, headed by
Treasury Secretary John Snow." (Joe McDonald, Associated Press, June 30,
2005). Conflicts of interest run even deeper. CRA International represents Liberty
Media, NBC, General Electric and Universal. Employed by them as a subsidiary of
General Electric/NBC/Liberty Media is David Kissinger, son of Dr. Henry Kissinger.

Kissinger Jr. worked for the USA Television Production Group. He now works for
Universal, also a client of CRA, International.
CRA also represents Crestco, who counts Neil Bush as a lobbyist, and they also
represent the World Bank, which stood, shoulder to shoulder with Unocal in their
dealings with the Taliban over the pipeline from the Caspian gas fields.Standing
behind this conflict of interest-fraught deal in the shadows is the Rothschild bank,
and more noteworthy JP Morgan Chase, also helping CNOOC.
Friday, July 22, 2005;

voted by a wide margin Thursday night to
renew expiring provisions of the USA
Patriot Act, the collection of antiterrorism
measures passed after the September 11,
2001, attacks.

The final vote was 257-171. The bill
Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones | August 10 2005

The head of Fort Monroe's Training and Doctrine Command, four star general
Kevin P. Byrnes, was fired Tuesday apparently for sexual misconduct according
to official sources.

Other sources however have offered a different explanation for Byrnes' dismissal
which ties in with the Bush administration's unpopular plan to attack Iran and the
staged nuclear attack in the US which would provide the pretext to do so.

According to reporter Greg Szymanski, anonymous military sources said that
Brynes was the leader of a faction that was preparing to instigate a coup against
the neo-con hawks in an attempt to prevent further global conflict.
Indications are that, much like popular opinion amongst the general public, half
the military oppose the neo-con's agenda and half support it.

They told Lehrman that the imminent Northcom nuclear terror exercise based in
Charleston, S.C, where a nuclear warhead is smuggled off a ship and detonated,
was originally intended to 'go live' - as in the drill would be used as the cover for a
real false flag staged attack.
This website has relentlessly discussed similar style drills which took place on
the morning of 9/11 and on the morning of 7/7 in London.

"Speculation exists that he had potentially discovered the fact that it was gonna
go live and that he was trying to put a stop to it or also speculation indicates that
he may be part of a military coup designed to prevent the ridiculous idea of doing
a nuclear war with Iran, " said Lehrman.

Lehrman said that other sources had told him all army leave had been cancelled
from September 7th onwards, opening the possibility for war to be declared
within that time frame. Northcom officials also admitted to Lehrman that CNN
had been using its situation room as a studio.
Pentagon devising scenarios for martial law in US
Rumsfeld and Romanian officials. Click this picture to read more articles on the US base in Romania
Chertoff warns of nuclear terror on US soil. Click here to read more related articles
Albert Pike's three world wars
had been planned by the
Masonic illuminati, currently
being executed
Where was Warren Buffett
the morning of 9/11 and
what was he doing? Of all
places, Mr. Buffett just
happened to be at the U.S.
Strategic Command
headquarters located at
Offutt Air Force Base in
Omaha, Nebraska. Offutt
AFB is, coincidentally,
where President G.W.
Bush flew to on Air Force
One later on in the day for
"safety". What was Buffett
doing there? Mr. Buffett
was "hosting a charity
event" super early in the
morning which included a
small group of business
leaders in which one of
them became a very lucky
person. Ann Tatlock, the
CEO of Fiduciary Trust Co.
International, works in the
World Trade Center and
not only that, but her
offices were right where
Flight 175 crashed into the
WTC 2.
"Our message is clear -- what you
saw in New York and Washington
(in 2001) and what you are
seeing in Afghanistan and Iraq,
all these are nothing compared to
what you will see next." (excerpted
from the warning video)
"al-Qaeda", Bush (Clinton) &
the homeland security chief
serve the same masters
Zawahiri is backed by the
Muslim brotherhood (NWO)
Zawahiri is backed by the
Muslim brotherhood (NWO)

By Kurt Nimmo

08/15/05 "Another Day In The Empire" -- -- Consider the following, published in
the fifth largest newspaper in Turkey: “Amid the smoke from the fortuitous fire [i.e., the
capture of Louai Sakra, said to be the al-CIA-duh regional boss in Turkey] emerged the
possibility that al-Qaeda may not be, strictly speaking, an organization but an element of
an intelligence agency operation. Turkish intelligence specialists agree that there is no
such organization as al-Qaeda. Rather, Al-Qaeda is the name of a secret service
operation. The concept ‘fighting terror’ is the background of the ‘low-intensity-warfare’
conducted in the mono-polar world order. The subject of this strategy of tension is named
as ‘al-Qaeda.’” Note the use of the phrase “strategy of tension,” an obvious reference to
Gladio, the state-sponsored terrorist operation in Italy (basically a series of fascist false
flag operations, or “low intensity warfare,” blamed on leftists). It is interesting that Turkish
intelligence would admit that the neocon “war against terrorism” is an entirely artificial

Moreover, according to Turkish intelligence, “Sakra has been sought by the secret
services since 2000.
The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) interrogated him
twice before. Following the interrogation CIA offered him employment. He also
received a large sum of money by CIA.
However the CIA eventually lost contact
with him.” It is curious how alleged key people in the al-CIA-duh network end up
working for the CIA and other intelligence agencies.
Turkish Intelligence says: Al-Qaeda a U.S. Covert Operation
For instance, Abdurahman
Khadr, who (according to
ABC News Online) “lived
side-by-side with Osama bin
Laden,” was a “double agent,
sent to spy on Al Qaeda
fighters at Guantanamo Bay
and in Bosnia.” Ali
Mohamed, a former U.S.
Army sergeant who trained
Osama bin Laden’s
bodyguards and helped plan
the 1998 bombing of the U.S.
"Today Americans would be
outraged if U.N. troops
entered Los Angeles to
restore order; tomorrow they
will be grateful!
This is especially true if they
were told there was an
outside threat from beyond,
whether real or promulgated,
that threatened our very
It is then that all peoples of
the world will pledge with
world leaders to deliver them
from this evil. The one thing
every man fears is the
When presented with this
scenario, individual rights will
be willingly relinquished for
the guarantee of their well
being granted to them by
their world government."

Henry Kissinger

Evians, France - 1991
Bilderberg Conference
We are on the verge of a
global transformation. All we
need is the right major crisis
and the nations will accept
the New World Order."

- David Rockefeller
Sept. 23, 1994
"Giuliani, al Qaeda didn't do it."
Watch BBC video
Listen to BBC radio interview
War on Iraq
Weather Control

By Patrick Martin 9 August 2005

According to a report published Monday by the
Washington Post, the Pentagon
has developed its first ever war plans for operations within the continental
United States, in which terrorist attacks would be used as the justification for
imposing martial law on cities, regions or the entire country.

The front-page article cites sources working at the headquarters of the military’s
Northern Command (Northcom), located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The
plans themselves are classified, but “officers who drafted the plans” gave details
to Post reporter Bradley Graham, who was recently given a tour of Northcom
headquarters at Peterson Air Force Base. The article thus appears to be a
deliberate leak conducted for the purpose of accustoming the American
population to the prospect of military rule.

If you look at
NORTHCOM’s website, you will find a discussion of the
situations under which Posse Comitatus, the restriction against military policing
in America, can legally be suspended. One of those conditions is an attack by a
nuclear or other weapon of mass destruction. Another is “insurrection.”
London Times,  20 June 2004 22 June 2004
The Spanish investigation has revealed that two individuals
involved in allegedly supplying explosives to the alleged
3/11 Madrid terrorists were police informers. More
The US plans to move much
greater numbers of troops
closer to current conflicts, to
superior strategic positions - or
nearer to rivals and/or future
targets. Bush has ordered
75,000  troops to relocate from
Germany to bases in Romania,
which is closer to Russia and
Iran. US mulling missile base in
Bulgaria, Romania to deter Iran:
The United States is
considering stationing "patriot"
missiles in Bulgaria and
Romania against a potential
attack from Iran.
US federal prosecutor Patrick
Fitzgerald's grand jury has
convened in Chicago to indict
Bush officials for perjury and
obstruction of justice?
"Pull it."
World Trade Center 7 Imploded
by Silverstein, FDNY and Others
'In times of universal deceit, telling the
truth is a revolutionary act.'
- George Orwe
Rafa Zouhier, was a police informer to an elite unit of the Guardia Civil known
as Unidad Central de Operaciones, UCO). The second individual, Jose Emilio
Suarez Trashorras, was an inforrmer  to the National Police Corps, more
specifically the narcotics brigade of Aviles (Cuerpo Nacional de Policia del jefe
de la Brigada de Estupefacientes de Aviles).

Deafening silence of the Western media: The few press reports (outside of
Spain), while acknowledging the names of the individuals, fail to mention the
links of these individuals to the Spanish police.  

The wife of Trashorras had in his possession the telephone number of the Head
of Tedax, Juan Jesus Sanchez Manzano. Tedax is  Spain’s Civil Guard bomb
squad , a very specialized division of the the Spanish police. A official of the  
this special unit was in fact involved in the deactivation of one of the bombs
which was to be placed in the train.
The hurricane Katrina was not natural
Bush said it was "as if the entire Gulf
Coast were obliterated by the worst
kind of weapon you can imagine."
Aaron Broussard, president of
Jefferson Parrish, LA, who said on
Meet the Press that FEMA had cut
off supplies of water, food and fuel to
hurricane victims, as well as, cutting
"all of our emergency communications

The proposed forced evacuation due to
this man made hurricane will
Weather control/ warfare/
modifications, Russian,
scalar war
constitute the most massive military operation (nearly 65,000 US military
personnel) mounted against the people of an American city since the Civil
War. -"A dress rehearsal for martial law?"
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