Every picture tells a story don't it?
Army Admits It Staged Toppling of
Saddam Statue
A newly declassified Army study of the
Iraq invasion confirms that the U.S.
military stage-managed the fall of
Saddam Hussein's statue in Baghdad.
According to the Army's own report, a
Marine colonel decided to topple the
statue and an Army psyops worked to
make the toppling of the statue appear
to be a spontaneous undertaking by
Iraqi civilians. This according to the Los
Angeles Times. The psyops team used
loudspeakers to encourage Iraqis to
gather in Firdos Square and a Marine
recovery vehicle was used to topple the
statue with a chain.  
The jet shown in the below picture is executing a
flight maneuver that is outside the parameters of the
flight software.  Only a jet being flown electronically
could override the on board navigation equipment.  
That also explains why the recovered black boxes
were never released to the public because they were
blank.  Black boxes automatically shut down when
the flight program is electronically overridden.
The amazing Pentagon Lawn.  Some call it the
toughest most resilient lawn turf in the world.  Able to
repel large passenger jets and leave no marks!  
Every golf course should have a lawn this strong!  
We won't mention the lack of any entry point for a
large passenger jet nor the wings which would have
had to have been clipped off.


The smoke trail from an air to ground missile is obvious
in the first frame also note the relatively small tail fin
more sized towards an F-106 or perhaps a specially
designed global hawk that had been painted to appear
as a Passenger Jet.
Is this the all seeing eye or worn grass where someone has planted a landing beacon.  It is more than just coincidence
that the Jet or missile used the very path and attack angle as worn grass pictured below indicates.  The same can be
said for the planes that crashed into the WTC complex.  A C-130 was flying high and just behind the ill fated flight just
before it crashed into the Pentagon.  Some speculation leaned toward the fact the C-130 could have been controlling
the flight by remote control.
Then you hear the rest of the story
F-106 notice thick white smoke from a
missile matching the Pentagon footage
Take a close look at frame 1 and dark tail fin take an even
closer look at the thick white smoke right behind the tail fin.
-Every study commissioned by the Kuwaiti government could not produce a shred of evidence
that the ambassador's daughter had been back in occupied Kuwait to do volunteer work in a
hospital. It was a total fabrication by a US PR firm Hill & Knowlton, which worked for the Bush's
election campaign as well)

How the public relations industry sold the Gulf War to the US, the mother of all clients
Hill and Knowlton produced dozens of video news releases (VNRs) at a cost of well over half a
million dollars, but it was money well spent, resulting in tens of millions of dollars worth of "free"
air time. The VNRs were shown by eager TV news directors around the world who rarely (if ever)
identified Kuwait's public relations (PR) firm as the source of the footage and stories. TV stations
and networks simply fed the carefully-crafted propaganda to unwitting viewers, who assumed
they were watching "real" journalism. After the war Arthur Rowse asked Hill & Knowlton to show
him some of the VNRs, but the PR company refused. Obviously the phony TV news reports had
served their purpose and it would do H&K no good to help a reporter reveal the extent of
deception. In Unreliable Sources, authors Martin Lee and Norman Solomon noted that "when a
research team from the communications department of the University of Massachusetts surveyed
public opinion and correlated it with knowledge of basic facts about U.S. policy in the region, they
drew some sobering conclusions. The more television people watched, the fewer facts they
knew; and the less people knew in terms of basic facts, the more likely they were to back the
Bush administration.1

Throughout the campaign, the Wirthlin Group conducted daily opinion polls to help Hill &
Knowlton take the emotional pulse of key constituencies so it could identify the themes and
slogans that would be most effective in promoting support for U.S. military action. After the war
ended. the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation produced an Emmy award-winning TV
documentary on the PR campaign titled "To Sell a War." The show featured an interview with
Wirthlin executive Dee Alsop in which Alsop bragged of his work and demonstrated how
audience surveys were even used to physically adapt the clothing and hairstyle of the Kuwait
ambassador so he would seem more likeable to TV audiences. Wirthlin's job, Alsop explained,
was "to identify the messages that really resonate emotionally with the American people." The
theme that struck the deepest emotional chord, they discovered, was "the fact that Saddam
Hussein was a madman who had committed atrocities even against his own people, and had
tremendous power to do further damage, and he needed to be stopped."2

Every big media event needs what journalist and flacks alike refer to as "the hook." An ideal hook
becomes the central element of a story that makes it newsworthy, evokes a strong emotional
response, and sticks in the memory. In the case of the Gulf War, the "hook" was invented by Hill &
Knowlton. In style, substance and mode of delivery, it bore an uncanny resemblance to England's
World War I hearings that accused German soldiers of killing babies.

On October 10, 1990, the Congressional Human Rights Caucus held a hearing on Capitol Hill
which provided the first opportunity for formal presentations of Iraqi human rights violations.
Outwardly, the hearing resembled an official congressional proceeding, but appearances were
deceiving. In reality, the Human Rights Caucus, chaired by California Democrat Tom Lantos and
Illinois Republican John Porter, was simply an association of politicians. Lantos and Porter were
co-chairs of the Congressional Human Rights Foundation, a legally separate entity that occupied
free office space valued at $3,000 a year in Hill & Knowlton's Washington, DC office.
Notwithstanding its congressional trappings, the Congressional Human Rights Caucus served as
another Hill & Knowlton front group, which -- like all front groups -- used a noble-sounding name
to disguise its true purpose.3

Only a few astute observers noticed the hypocrisy in Hill & Knowlton's use of the term "human
rights." One of those observers was John MacArthur, author of The Second Front, which remains
the best book written about the manipulation of the news media during the Gulf War. In the fall of
1990, MacArthur reported, Hill & Knowlton's Washington switchboard was simultaneously fielding
calls for the Human Rights Foundation and for "government representatives of Indonesia,
another H&K client. Like H&K client Turkey, Indonesia is a practitioner of naked aggression,
having seized . . . the former Portuguese colony of East Timor in 1975. Since the annexation of
East Timor, the Indonesian government was killed, by conservative estimate, about 100,000
inhabitants of the region.4

MacArthur also noticed another telling detail about the October 1990 hearings. "The Human
Rights Caucus is not a committee of congress, and therefore it is unencumbered by the legal
accouterments that would make a witness hesitate before he or she lied . . . Lying under oath in
front of a congressional committee is a crime; lying from under the cover of anonymity to a
caucus is merely public relations.5

In fact, the most emotionally moving testimony on October 10 came from a 15-year-old Kuwaiti
girl, known only by her first name of Nayirah. According to the Caucus, Nayirah's full name was
being kept confidential to prevent Iraqi reprisals against her family in occupied Kuwait. Sobbing,
she described what she had seen with her own eyes in a hospital in Kuwait City. Her written
testimony was passed out in a media kit prepared by Citizens for a Free Kuwait. "I volunteered at
the al-Addan hospital," Nayirah said. "While I was there, I saw the Iraqi soldiers come into the
hospital with guns, and go into the room where . . . babies were in incubators. They took the
babies out of the incubators, took the incubators, and left the babies on the cold floor to die."6

from http://www.io.com/~patrik/gulfwar2.htm
see also http://www.io.com/~patrik/gulfwar1.htm



Senator FAIRCLOTH. Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

I want to thank you for holding this hearing. It's necessary and it's going to serve an excellent

In the wake of the Gulf War, it is time we looked back to see what was done wrong and what was
done right. We can't change what was done, but we will be accountable for what we do now.

My statement also gets to another cover-up of that conflict, not as touching as the sick veterans,
but well worth a review.

The Commerce Department has a lot of questions to answer about its role leading up to the Gulf
War. It is also time that we in the Banking Committee revisit a current Commerce Department
nominee—Lauri Fitz-Pegado, who played a crucial role in shaping public opinion toward U.S.
involvement, and she did it by personally orchestrating perjured testimony before Congress.

Mr. Chairman, in 1990, after the Iraqi invasion of their country, the Kuwaiti government in exile
formed Citizens for a Free Kuwait. They hired the lobbying firm of Hill and Knowlton to influence
public opinion in this country toward entering the conflict. Lauri Fitz-Pegado was in charge of the

Her strategy was to use alleged witnesses to atrocities, to tell stories of human rights violations in
occupied Kuwait. Using their testimony, she orchestrated what has come to be known as the
Baby Incubator Fraud.

She first coached a 15-year-old Kuwaiti girl, identified only at the time as Naira, to testify before
Congress that she had seen Iraqi soldiers remove Kuwaiti babies from hospital respirators. Naira
claimed to be a refugee who had been working as a volunteer in a Kuwaiti hospital throughout the
first few weeks of the Iraqi occupation. She said that she bad seen them take babies out of the
incubators, take the incubators, and leave the babies "on the cold floor to die."

Naira's emotional testimony riveted human rights organizations, the news mediums, and the
Nation. That incident was cited by six Members of the U.S. Senate as reasons to go to war with

However, it was later discovered that the girl was in fact the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador
to the United States. It turns out that Lauri Fitz-Pegado had concealed Naira's real identity. Since
then, reputable human rights organizations and journalists have concluded that the baby
incubator story was an outright fabrication. Every study commissioned by the Kuwaiti
government could not produce a shred of evidence that the ambassador's daughter had been
back in occupied Kuwait to do volunteer work in a hospital. It was a total fabrication.

Lauri Fitz-Pegado then put on a repeat performance in front of the U.S. Security Council on
November 27, 1990. In the testimony before Congress, they claimed they couldn't fully identify
who the witness was because they wanted to protect her family that supposedly was still trapped
in Kuwait. But, in fact, they were here on Embassy Row.

In front of the United Nations, Lauri Fitz-Pegado abandoned that pretense and instead employed
witnesses who testified using false names and occupations. The most important of these phony
witnesses was a man who called himself Dr. Ebrahim. With Lauri Fitz-Pegado there in New York,
he claimed to have personally buried 40 babies pulled from incubators by the Iraqis. Dr. Ebrahim
told the Security Council that he was a surgeon. But after the war, when the scam was exposed
as a total fraud, he admitted to being a dentist and had never buried any babies or seen any. More

The Fitz-Pegado scam continues. Mr. Chairman, as a supporter of our country’s involvement in
the Gulf War, I am offended that Lauri Fitz-Pegado believes that those kinds of illegal and
unethical activities were necessary to get this country to face the threat of Saddam Hussein. None
of & these facts and allegations were disclosed to either you Mr. Chairman, or other Members of
the Banking Committee when her nomination was voted on here.

If confirmed, Lauri Fitz-Pegado would have control over a global network of 200 trade offices in 70
countries. My opposition is based not on party or ideology. It is based on the fact that there are
few people in America who have less business being in charge of our Nation’s trade secrets than
Lauri Fitz-Pegado.

Lauri Fitz-Pagado's nomination should be returned to the Banking Committee for further review. If
it is not, then facts that are far more embarrassing to Ms. Fitz-Pegado and to others in Government
will be revealed in other speeches and in long, protracted debate on the Senate floor.

Mr. Chairman, the Banking Committee was hoodwinked by a professional scam artist. Lauri Fitz-
Pegado should be asked to disclose her entire past and then be prepared to defend what I believe
is a totally indefensible past.

I thank you, Mr. Chairman.

Senator D’AMATO. Mr. Chairman.

The CHAIRMAN. Senator D’Amato.

Senator D’AMATO. Mr. Chairman, I would urge the Chairman to consider the Senator from North
Carolina, Senator Faircloth's request.

I know that he does not make this request in anything other than the spirit of honesty and fair play
and not in partisanship. I know he feels deeply about this matter. He has conferred with me about
it, Mr. Chairman, and I know the Senator and his staff will make available to you and your staff an
outline of those matters that he has withheld and has not gone forward on, and that you might
then reconsider this request.

I’d urge you to consider that. I think in fairness to everyone, that might be the best course of
action, to ask that this be sent back to the Committee for further consideration. I join in the
request. I did not oppose the nominee, but I am very much concerned at this point in time before
we go further.

The CHAIRMAN. Let me take this request and the suggestion under advisement. Senator Faircloth
and I have not discussed this previously, and so this is an issue that we do need to discuss
personally beyond what's been said here now. I will plan to do that with you. Then we'll see where
we go from there.

Senator FAIRCLOTH. Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

The CHAIRMAN. Thank you. I want to note that Senator Nighthorse Campbell was here and may
be able to return. He had another situation.

He's been a very important voice on this issue in the Veterans' Affairs Committee as well, and
feels very strongly about this issue. In any event, he's next in the order and I will recognize him at
any point at which he returns.

Senator Bond.


The day after Iraq invaded Kuwait, the Kuwaitis living in the US hired the public relations firm Hill
and Knowlton - a job worth $1 million a month. This was the biggest ever contract in the history of
public relations to improve the image of their corrupt, oil-rich regime.

The story of how Iraqi troops, in the first days of the invasion, went into Al-Adan hospital, tore the
sick babies from incubators and left them on the cold floor to die was graphically told to Congress
on November 1990 before the crucial vote to send US troops (passed by about 5 votes).

What the audience didn't know however was that the 15-year old girl who made the moving,
tearful testimony was none other than Niyirah al-Sabah - daughter of the US Ambassador to
Kuwait. She had allegedly worked as a volunteer in the maternity ward of the hospital. But nurses
who live in the two story white building opposite the hospital in Kuwait City claimed that they had
never seen the girl before in their life.

The entire move towards the Gulf War had thus been motivated by a blatant lie. The girl had been
"trained" by Hill and Knowlton. The renowned international human rights group Amnesty
International took out full-page newspaper spreads to publicise the babies incident. It had
unwittingly (and not for the first time) transformed itself from a charity to a propaganda tool.
Andrew Whitley of Middle East Watch described the story as a fabrication but it took months for
the truth to come out. President Bush mentioned the incubator incident in five of his speeches
and seven senators referred to them in speeches backing a pro-war resolution.

Highly exaggerated reports of thousands of deaths were accepted uncritically, as the PR firm
using Kuwaiti contacts inside the country smuggled 24 videotapes to a hungry, unquestioning
and gullible mass media.

From http://hydraulix.bangor.ac.uk/nus/islam/pages/reports/gulf.html
(See Usamriid), was contracted by Battelle
Memorial Institute to develop a report on the
ramifications of mailing powdered anthrax,
much the same as what occurred in the
wake of the October anthrax mailings.
...William C. Patrick III and Russian defector
Kanatjan Alibekov (alias, "Ken Alibek"
->)-the world's two leading anthrax
experts-were very "close friends!" Both
men held classified consulting contracts
with the CIA and Battelle, Alibekov was on
the CIA's payroll at that time, according to
Preston, and he was fully employed by the
Battelle Memorial Institute (BMI). ...Thus, the
government "contractor" for whom anthrax
expert William C. Patrick III wrote his mailed
anthrax aerosol dispersal assessment
could have only been Battelle for whom
"Ken Alibek" worked; Robert Myers,
Bioport's Chief Operating Officer affiliated;
Hauer,Jerome in New York's
emergency management helped facilitate
tests In addition to
TV stations and networks simply fed the carefully-crafted propaganda to
unwitting viewers, who assumed they were watching "real" journalism.
The great Iraq War lie
. The pictured girl told the world under tears that she saw how
Saddam Hussein's soldiers took babies out of their incubators and let them die on the cold floor.
The story of how Iraqi troops, in the first days of the invasion, went into Al-Adan hospital, tore
the sick babies from incubators and left them on the cold floor to die was graphically told to
Congress on November 1990 before the crucial vote to send US troops (passed by about 5
votes). In truth she hadn't been in Kuwait at the time. The girl was in fact the daughter of the
Kuwaiti ambassador in Washington, USA.
Vietnam Veterans Against the War Statement
testimony to the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations

by John Kerry

April 23, 1971

I would like to talk on behalf of all those veterans and say that
several months ago in Detroit we had an investigation at
which over 150 honorably discharged, and many very highly
decorated, veterans testified to war crimes committed in
Southeast Asia. These were not isolated incidents but crimes
committed on a day-to-day basis with the full awareness of
officers at all levels of command. It is impossible to describe
to you exactly what did happen in Detroit -- the emotions in
the room and the feelings of the men who were reliving their
experiences in Vietnam. They relived the absolute horror of
what this country, in a sense, made them do.

They told stories that at times they had personally raped,
off ears, cut off heads, taped wires from portable telephones
to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs,
blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians
, razed villages in
fashion reminiscent of Ghengis Khan, shot cattle and dogs
for fun, poisoned food stocks, and generally ravaged the
countryside of South Vietnam in addition to the normal ravage
of war and the normal and very particular ravaging which is
done by the applied bombing power of this country.
Click here to watch the video
This is a typical Illuminati/CIA psychological false flag operation,, which is designed
to demonize Arabs and stir up hatreds to accelerate the WW3
1. A new genetic analysis of the
anthrax used in 2001 mailing cases  
has pinpointed the source as the US
government's own germ warfare
program. The mailed anthrax strain
was a new hybrid weaponized strain,
identical to the one created by the
CIA's clandestine project CLEAR
VISION (launched since 1997)

FBI implicated in Anthrax Mailings

3. Who profiteered from this anthrax

Carlyle (Bush Sr sits on the board) is
a major investor of BIOPORT, which
became practically the sole supplier
of the antibiotics vaccine with BMI,
and bin Laden family too is(was) a  
investor of BIOPORT.

4. Investigators Conclude Russian
Defector is Lead Suspect in Anthrax
Mailings Case

Dr. Alibekov was the first Deputy
Director of Biopreparat-the Soviet
Union's leading biological weapons
testing center. He oversaw military
anthrax production for nearly 20
years, and was personally responsible
for 32,000 employees at 40 facilities
when he suddenly defected to the
United States in 1992 to begin
working for the CIA, was fully
employed by the Battelle Memorial
Institute (BMI). (more)
In November 1990 Bush41 told this lie to the poor soldiers.
ANTHRAX           (another inside job)
The Nick Berg Beheading execution video is fake, it is a
false-flag government psy-op black op and is not done by
terrorists from al qaeda or by Zarqawi
Battelle, connected with The Battelle Memorial
Institute, (according to William Broad and Judith
Miller in the New York Times, Thursday, Dec. 13)
provides services as "a military contractor in [West
Jefferson] Ohio," and "has experience making
powdered germs. . . . Battelle participated in a secret
CIA program, code-named Clear Vision that began in
1997, that used allegedly benign substances similar
to anthrax. Battelle, as a CIA contractor, partnered
with Bioport for America's sole anthrax vaccine
production. Bioport-largely owned by Britain's top
secret biowarfare consortium PortonDown, bin
Laden family associate Faud El Hibri, Admiral William
J. Crowe, Jr., a former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of
Staff, and others (including, according to some
investigators, the multinational investment firm and
defense contractor, the Carlyle (->) Management
Group, that managed bin Laden family millions prior
to 9-11, directed by past CIA director Frank Carlucci,
James Baker III (->), and Past President George H.W.
Bush); "Project Jefferson" was ongoing around the
same time American anthrax ace  William C. Patrick III
Batelle's voluminous research, development, and testing activities, this private institute
co-manages America's most secret enterprises including the DoE's Brookhaven National
Laboratory, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Oak Ridge Laboratory, and fully manages
several others including the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory . Their two biological level-3
"Aerosol Engineering & Biological Sciences Facilities" in West Jefferson, Ohio appear in
photographs on a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA ->) promotions slide at
http://www.nrel.gov/surviving disaster/fema2000/Cbiac/sld016.htm Sources:
http://www.battelle.org/airforce/contacts.stm Michael P. Failey of Battelle obviously was twice
framed for the October 2001 anthrax (->) attack.
http://de.f130.mail.yahoo.com/ym/login?.rand=8d1s18jgg4gob (See Alibek,Dr.Ken) (See
Anthrax-911-Gate) (See Anthrax-Suspects) (See Aztlan.Net) (See Cepheid) (See Fas.Org) (See
Hadron) (See Hatfill,Stephen) (See Hauer,Jerome) (See Inglesby,Dr.Thomas) (See
Kallstrom,James) (See Ohio-Connection) (See Rosenberg,Barbara) (See SmallpoxVaccines) (->
Thompson, Tommy )
Another false flag operation
to frame Arabs, as Albert
Pike planned, Illuminati
agents are working hard to
incite hatreds & WWIII
between Islam & Zionists.