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"Painful deceptions, an analysis of the 9/11 attack" by Eric
Hufschmid , part 1
MORE coverage and analysis on the 9/11 attacks
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The WTC impact hole, before the tower collapsed on the 9/11. Where is the blazing inferno, that's supposed to have brought down the towers?
The WTC impact hole, before
the tower collapsed on 9/11.
Where's the blazing inferno,
that's supposed to have brought
down the towers?
Zero Doubt - WTC Towers
Brought Down By Explosives

"The flashlight led us into Borders bookstore, up an escalator,
and out to Church Street. The explosions were going off
everywhere. I was convinced that there were bombs planted
all over the place and someone was sitting at a control panel
pushing detonator buttons. I was afraid to go down Church
Street towards Broadway, but I had to do it. I ended up on
Vesey Street. There was another explosion. And another. I
didn't know which way to run." --Teresa Veliz, Survivor

Read the full report by Webster G. Tarpley here
The photograph above shows the aircraft impact area of
Tower 1. A closer look shows a female survivor looking out
from the impact area. How did this person survive an 800ºC
inferno? Because there was no such inferno.

In fact, the NYFD had no problem at all fighting the WTC fires.
NYFD Channel 30 Audiotape (3.6mb wma file) Note: Several
portions of the tape have been classified. This portion lasts
from 8:45 AM to 9:58 AM Eastern Time.

The NYFD audiotape reveals that the fires were under control,
not raging infernos that could melt steel. The tape alone
proves that the official story of the WTC collapse is a complete
and total lie. And, the real reason why the rest of the tape has
been classified is because it reveals the obvious truth.
The New York Times --" Nowhere on tape is there any
indication that firefighters had slightest indication that Tower
had become unstable or could fall." --" Fire department tape
reveals no awareness of imminent doom."
It wasn't 800ºC or 1800ºF in there! That requires pure

If a building were to collapse naturally, and somehow did
manage to create a mushroom cloud, then that mushroom
cloud would not start forming until all of the building had
collapsed. For the mushroom cloud to start forming at the
beginning of the collapse shows you that it was not the
"opposite-reaction" force of the ground that created the cloud.
The reason given for the collapse of the Twin Towers is that
floor trusses at the aircraft impact level failed due to an inferno
generated by aircraft fuel which turned the impacted floors
into an 800ºC or 1800ºF furnace capable of casting aluminum
and glazing pottery. Well, a lot of people and firefighters were
able to make cellphones calls in that heat! So there was not
such heat!!

When Chief Palmer radioed from the 78th floor,...Chief Palmer
could see only two pockets of fire, and called for a pair of
engine companies to fight them. the impact zone, which ran
from the 78th to the 84th floors. source: Lost Voices of
Firefighters, Some on 78th Floor New York Times, August 4,

One of the first firefighters in the stricken second tower, Louie
Cacchioli, 51, told People Weekly on Sept. 24: "I was taking
firefighters up in the elevator to the 24th floor to get in
position to evacuate workers. On the last trip up a bomb went
off. We think there were bombs set in the building."
NYC fireman in clip: "As if they had detonated... if they
were planning to take out a building" source: Videos of
Eyewitness Recollections of Collapses Firemen recall
"detonations" in South Tower
Let's pick a story. Say, data recovery from the World Trade

Remember? While the ruins still smoldered, some genuine
questions were still being asked by the mainstream media, which
were blessedly unaware of how awkward the answers might

For instance, this story, from December 17, 2001:

German computer experts are working round the clock to unlock
the truth behind an unexplained surge in financial transactions
made just before two hijacked planes crashed into New York's
World Trade Center on September 11.

Were criminals responsible for the sharp rise in credit card
transactions that moved through some computer systems at the
WTC shortly before the planes hit the twin towers?

Or was it coincidence that unusually large sums of money,
perhaps more than $100 million, were rushed through the
computers as the disaster unfolded?

And this, from CNN, a few days later:

An unexplained surge in transactions was recorded prior to the
attacks, leading to speculation that someone might have profited
from previous knowledge of the terrorist plot by moving sums of
money. But because the facilities of many financial companies
processing the transactions were housed in New York's World
Trade Center, destroyed in the blasts, it has until now been
impossible to verify that suspicion.

That's where Convar Systeme Deutschland GmbH comes in. The
company is helping reconstruct data from hard disk drives found
in the ruins of the twin towers. While other data-recovery
companies are also involved in the effort, the company says it
has a special edge: a laser-based scanning technology developed
about two years ago.

Peter Henschel, director of Convar, called the extent of the
transactions "extraordinarily high."


"It could turn out that Americans went on an absolute shopping
binge on that Tuesday morning. But at this point there are many
transactions that cannot be accounted for, " Henschel said....
"Not only the volume but the size of the transactions was far
higher than usual for a day like that. There is a suspicion that
these were possibly planned to take advantage of the chaos."

Richard Wagner, a data retrieval expert at the company, said
illegal transfers of more than $100 million might have been made
immediately before and during the disaster.

"There is a suspicion that some people had advance knowledge
of the approximate time of the plane crashes in order to move
out amounts exceeding $100 million," Wagner said. "They
thought that the records of their transactions could not be
traced after the main frames were destroyed."

As Convar recovered the data, at a cost of up to $35,000 per
hard drive, the information was forwarded to its clients
(apparantly telecommunications, accounting, and credit card
firms), which in turn passed it on to the FBI.

A Reuters story claims "Convar has recovered information from
32 computers that support assumptions of dirty doomsday
dealings." And an article dated May 30, 2002, says Convar "had
recoverd the data from 39 computers...and was beginning to
work on another 62.... [T[he next time you 'erase' something by
clicking delete, it might help to remember Convar: once on view,
always on recall."

So, what happened to the WTC data-recovery story, and the
"dirty doomsday dealings"?

We need to step back, and ask, what happened to Convar?

In June, 2002, Convar was purchased by security firm Kroll Inc.,
which employs a number of former FBI and CIA officials, and has
a reputation for serving as a cut-out of US Intelligence. It's
reportedly known as the "CIA of Wall Street," due to its revolving
door of former-and-future spooks, and its role in corporate
espionage and the destabilization of foreign governments.

We can learn something about Kroll's reputation from a front-
page story of The Washington Post, January 8, 1996:

The French, the CIA, and the Man Who Sued Too Much

William Lee is a 57-year-old Harvard-educated corporate lawyer
whose specialty, until recently, was international mergers and
acquisitions. But a year ago, the government of France charged
that he was a spy for the Central Intelligence Agency, waging a
secret war to destabilize French corporate interests in Asia.


Some of the French anxiety about Lee stems from what he did
next. In mid-1992, he took a part-time position with Kroll
Associates, a New York firm that provides investigative services
for big companies and employs a number of former CIA and FBI

For French officials, Lee's brief stint with Kroll tagged him as a
suspicious person. According to French and U.S. sources, the
French equivalent of the FBI, known as the Directorate of
Surveillance of the Territory, or DST, suspected that Kroll's Paris
operation was a CIA front. They bugged Kroll's Paris offices and
harassed some of its clients, according to company executives.

And this story, from October of last year:

Brazil Raids Kroll Offices in SpyProbe

Police raided the Brazilian offices of international security
consultant Kroll Inc. and arrested five employees Wednesday in
an investigation into allegations of illegal spying by Kroll during the
company's probe of a nasty corporate dispute.... Five Brazilians
Kroll workers were arrested on conspiracy charges.

...The investigation began in July after Brazil's largest newspaper
reported Kroll obtained copies of e-mails written by a top adviser
to President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in the course of its
investigation for Brasil Telecom Participacoes SA.

Interestingly, in August of 2001, it was then-Managing Director of
Kroll, Jerome Hauer, who arranged for former FBI special agent
John O'Neill, to be hired as chief of security at the World Trade

Besides being in Kroll's service on September 11, Hauer was also
running Rudolph Giuliani's "Office of Emergency Management,"
and its hardened "command and control" bunker on the 22nd
floor of WTC 7. (Perhaps you remember what happened to that.)

I believe too little attention is paid to the role of extra-
governmental agencies, both to the 9/11 story and beyond,
because it is in their study that Danny Casolaro saw what he
came to call the Octopus: the international network of spooks,
former spooks, crooks and terrorists, pursuing trans-national
criminal interests. To say "it's the CIA" is too simplistic, too black
and white for the world of shadows. As Chaim Kupferberg writes:

It is, in fact, security firms like Kroll Associates, Burns Security,
Teg, Wackenhut, and their ilk that should garner our interest at
least as much as the web of conservative think tanks that have
welded in place the parameters of "mainstream" debate - for it is
through these very firms that the former stars of law
enforcement have gone through the revolving door into the
lucrative private sector. It is a world where former military types
mix with various operatives of the CIA, FBI, DEA and any number
of alphabet soup agencies charged with the security of our nation.

Since acquiring Convar, Kroll itself has been purchased by Marsh
& McLennan, a former occupant of Tower One's 95th floor. Last
October, Kroll's former President, Michael Cherkasky, was named
Marsh's CEO. (Formerly, Cherkasky had "spent 16 years in the
criminal justice system, including serving as chief of the
Investigations Division for the New York County District
Attorney's Office.")

And what an upstanding corporate citizen Marsh turns out to be.
Just yesterday, it reached a deal with New York State Attorney
General Eliot Spitzer "that resolves the actions that were
commenced against MMC and Marsh Inc. over questionable
brokerage compensation and account placement practices":

As a result of this agreement, the company said it would enact
reforms to lead the industry in transparency and service to clients
and establish an $850 million fund to compensate clients.

Under the terms of the agreement, the company neither admits
nor denies the allegations in the complaint filed by the attorney
general and the citation issued by the insurance superintendent.

Corporate espionage, US Intelligence, High Crime, Big Money -
you can't talk about any of them, without talking about them all.
"We are not talking about only governmental levels. And I keep
underlining semi-legit organizations and following the money,"
says Sibel Edmonds.

And what of those "dirty doomsday dealings" on the World
Trade Center hard drives? They'll get back to us.

AIG, Kroll, Mitre, Ptech

I would go one step further up the food chain to:
AIG: in the mid 90s, AIG became co-owner of Kroll Associates,
Their board members included Henry Kissinger and former Enron
director Frank G. Wisner, Jr. Wisner's father was one of the
founders of the CIA. AIG is a client of Kissinger & Associates and
has also been the focus of SEC and BCCI investigator, Manhattan
DA Robert Morgenthau’s attention . . . to explore its ties to the
BCCI. Additionally, AIG is headed by Maurice Greenberg, one-time
chairman of the NY Federal Reserve Bank, and in 1995 a
candidate to head the CIA.

I would go one level down to:
Mitre Corp., former employer of John Deutch, and recent
relationship with James R. Schlesinger. Mitre is involved in every
aspect of computer fraud and security and consults with every
government agency.

down at the lowest level is:
Ptech, which shared many projects with Mitre and shared space
with them in the FAA building. In retrospect, it is now clear that
Ptech did CIA work.
The WTC impact hole, before
the tower collapsed on 9/11.
Where's the blazing inferno,
that's supposed to have brought
down the towers?

In April 1999, Nawif al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar – two of the 9/11
hijackers – obtain U.S. visas from the U.S. Consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
[Congressional Inquiry, 7/24/03] (see the article =>>

January 2000
A high-powered meeting of al Qaeda occurs in an apartment complex in Kuala
Lumpur in Malaysia. Also at the meeting is Khalid al-Mihdhar and Nawaf al-
Hazmi, two Saudi citizens who would end up as hijackers on Flight 77, the
plane that crashes into the Pentagon on 9/11.

After the meeting breaks up, Al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar fly to the US on their
own passports, landing in Los Angeles. There they are met by Omar al-
Bayoumi, a Saudi national who works for the Saudi civil aviation authority. Just
prior to picking up the two would-be hijackers, Al-Bayoumi meets with a
member of the Saudi consulate in LA – a man connected to terrorist activity.

Al-Bayoumi takes al-Mihdhar and al-Hazmi to San Diego, puts them up in an
apartment, signs a lease, holds a party for them, enrolls them in flight school and
gives them money. Later, the FBI concludes that al-Bayoumi is likely a Saudi
intelligence agent. Al-Bayoumi also passes on thousands of dollars to the
hijackers that originate from Princess Haifa, wife of Prince Bandar Saudi
ambassador to the US.

September. Al-Hazmi and Al-Mihdhar move into the home of a local imam in
San Diego, Abdussattar Shaikh. The imam is an FBI informant. In fact, Shaikh
holds meetings with his FBI handler while al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar sit in a
room next door.
7 of the supposed "hijackers" turned out to be alive and not even in the
US on 9/11. (FBI's 911 hijacker list in serious question)


(CBS) Two of the Sept. 11 hijackers who lived in San Diego in 2000
rented a room from a man who reportedly worked as an undercover FBI
informant Newsweek magazine reports that Khalid Almihdhar and
Nawaf Alhazmi lived with a "tested" undercover "asset" who had been
working closely with the FBI office in San Diego.
While there, the FBI informant prayed with them and even helped one
open a bank account. Alhazmi and Almihdhar took lessons at a flight
school while living in San Diego.
The two men were aboard American Airlines Flight 77, which crashed
into the Pentagon on Sept. 11.

Captured al-Qaeda man was FBI spy
By  UK Telegraph (23/06/2003)

The American al-Qaeda operative unmasked last week as having
planned to bring down the Brooklyn Bridge was first detained in March,
and has been used by the FBI for months as a double agent, it was
reported Yesterday. They didn't say that Faris, who was also ordered to
study ultra light aircraft, and the possibility of derailing
a train into a chemical storage facility in Washington, had been under
FBI control for months.

Broadcast October 29 2003 on CBC-TV in Canada.
FBI complicity, the 911 hijackers = NWO Intelligence assets
CNN reporter Jamie McIntyre says he inspected the Pentagon site
(on 9/11/01) and it is obvious no plane crashed there.

JAMIE MCINTYRE: From my close-up inspection, there's no
evidence of a plane having crashed anywhere near the Pentagon.

The only site, is the actual side of the building that's crashed in.
And as I said, the only pieces left that you can see are small
enough that you pick up in your hand. There are no large tail
sections, wing sections, fuselage, nothing like that anywhere
around which would indicate that the entire plane crashed into the
side of the Pentagon and then caused the side to collapse.
Did the hijacked airliner actually hit the
Pentagon? Watch a CNN report! Click here.
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