secret nuclear war

DU has a "half-life" of
4.5 billion years,
meaning it takes that
long for just half of its
atoms to decay.
"They're using it now,
they're using it in
Falluja, Baghdad is
chock-a-block with
DU - it's all over the
place," says Major
Doug Rokke, director
of the US army's DU
project in 1994-95.
Since the Gulf war, as
many as
11.000 US
Gulf war veterans
have already died
from the Gulf war
syndrome, which is
largely caused by
Depleted Uranium.
Dr. Rokke from a film
"Beyond treason"
Gulf War Illness and
involuntary human
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CIA coup in 1963 Key to Saddam taking power in Iraq
'Operation Iraqi Freedom' meets fierce Iraqi resistance.
Liberators, or invaders, neo-colonial (conservative) imperialists.
Cheney's secret energy task force meeting memos, the
16 pages, dated March 2001, show maps of Iraq oil
fields, pipelines, refineries and terminals. A document
titled Foreign Suitors for Iraqi Oilfield Contracts is also
An Iraqi child dire due to Depleted Uranium. The
photograph taken by a Japanese journalist Morizumi.
A brainless deformed Iraqi baby due to Depleted Uranium

Iraq war hawks have plans to reshape entire Mideast

By John Donnelly and Anthony Shadid
The Boston Globe
Tuesday, 10 September, 2002

As the Bush administration debates going to war against Iraq, its most
hawkish members are pushing a sweeping vision for the Middle East that
sees the overthrow of President Saddam Hussein of Iraq as merely a
first step in the region's transformation.

The argument for reshaping the political landscape in the Mideast has
been pushed for years by some Washington think tanks and in hawkish
circles. It is now being considered as a possible US policy with the
ascent of key hard-liners in the administration - from Paul Wolfowitz and
Douglas Feith in the Pentagon to John Hannah and Lewis Libby on the
vice president's staff and John Bolton in the State Department, analysts
and officials say.

Iraq, the hawks argue, is just the first piece of the puzzle. After an ouster
of Hussein, they say, the United States will have more leverage to act
against Syria and Iran, will be in a better position to resolve the
Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and will be able to rely less on Saudi oil.

Among its most extreme versions was a view elaborated in a briefing in
July by a Rand Corp. researcher to the Defense Policy Board - an
advisory group to the Pentagon led by Richard Perle, a leading hawk.

That briefing urged the United States to deliver an ultimatum to the
Saudi government to cut its ties to militant Islam or risk seizure of its oil
fields and overseas assets. It called Iraq ''the tactical pivot'' and Saudi
Arabia ''the strategic pivot.''


But then Murawiec lights out for the extreme foreign policy territory,
recommending that we threaten Medina and Mecca, home to Islam's
most holy places, if they don't see it our way. Ultimately, he champions a
takeover of Saudi Arabia. The last slide in the deck, titled "Grand
strategy for the Middle East," abandons the outrageous for the
incomprehensible. It reads:

Iraq is the tactical pivot
Saudi Arabia the strategic pivot
Egypt the prize
Egypt the prize?

The Page One story, by Thomas E. Ricks ("Briefing Depicted Saudis as
Enemies: Ultimatum Urged To Pentagon Board," Aug. 6), described a
24-slide presentation given by Rand Corp. analyst Laurent Murawiec on
July 10, 2002, to the Defense Policy Board, a committee of foreign policy
wonks and former government officials that advises the Pentagon on
defense issues. Murawiec's PowerPoint scenario, which is reproduced
for the first time below, makes him sound like an aspiring Dr. Strange
War on Iraq
As many as 10,000 non-combatant civilian deaths
during 2003 have been reliably reported so far as a
result of the invasion and occupation of Iraq
With little fanfare, the United States
has disbanded its team responsible for
hunting down weapons of mass
destruction in post-war Iraq.
Thu. Jan. 13 2005 9:07 AM ET   
U.S. quietly ends official hunt for WMD
in Iraq
CTV.ca News Staff